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Anne Garrick

Joined the OA 2007

Anne Garrick

Learning to paint has quite changed the way I see things; there is always new potential material, and the demonstrations provide ideas for how this material might be expressed.
I joined the Society in 2007, and find it a great incentive to keep painting.

Abandoned croft, Sutherland
Coastal Light
Falls of Shin
Sumnmer stream after rain
Snowdonian waterfall
Cuckmere Haven and the Seven Sisters
Aegean Cove in Autumn
Ancient Caledonian Forest
Statue and Shadow
Leicester Glows for King Richard III
august in a clay garden August in a Clay Garden
Shipwright's Arms Faversham (click to enlarge)
The Springs of Louros
Hawk at Sunset
Garden in an old Quarry
Solway Sunset 2
Kirkaig River in Spring
Dreaming of UnicornsDreaming of Unicorns
On the Beach at Holkhamt
Island Weather
Saturday Morning, Myrina
Fine February day, Galloway
Storm at Southerness
Wimpole Folly
Ultimate Scarlet
Wisteria in the Botanical Gardens
Forest Edge
Autumn Stream

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