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Oadby Artists have been holding exhibitions of members work since 1968. Highlights of our 2017 exhibition are shown here. Exhibitions from recent years have featured on our website since 2013 and can be viewed by selecting one of the links below.






Oadby Society of Artists' 2017 Exhibition

Chair of the Leicester Society of Artists Suzanne Harry opened the Oadby Artists Summer 2017 Exhibition at Brock's Hill Park and visitor Centre, Oadby.

Chair of LSA Suzanne Harry (centre) with winners Anne Garrick and Frank Bingley

In choosing the winner for the Opener's Prize, she said that she felt very humble about her artistic accomplishments and felt strongly that choosing a winner was very subjective and a gave a brief descriptive of her shortlist before announcing the winner.

Artists on her shortlist were Ray Smith with his painting "Late in the Day", which she described as having warm colours and strong brush strokes. She said that Frank Bingley's "People at Trafalgar" had a sense of movement in the figures. Others on the shortlist were Diana Cheny with "Vivid Autumn" and Geoff Herickx with his pencil sketch of "Market Harborough".

Suzanne's choice for the Opener's Prize 2017 was Anne Garrick with her painting of "Snowdonia Waterfall", which she said she liked how acrylic paint had been used to create a lot of texture.

The Jean Wells Plate for the most popular painting at the Preview Evening, voted for by members and guests, was awarded to Frank Bingley for his oil painting "Dog in a Flap". The Visitors' Choice award was won by Hazel Armstrong for her painting entitled "One of a Few".

Again this year, coordinator Bob Morley, did a magnificent job in making sure that everything to do with the exhibition ran smoothly and according to plan.

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