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Shooqi Atrabi

A Harbour Scene in watercolour

Shooqi Atrabi 2018
Shooqi is a professional Watercolour artist and Graphic designer who comes from Nottingham. He has also exhibited with the IWS in Portugal.

The subject for his demonstration was Staithes in North Yorkshire. Shooqi says that he likes to put his own interpretation on a subject and not necessarily stick rigidly to the actual scene.

He uses Arches 300gm rough paper and only 4 colours: French Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, Indian Yellow and Cobalt Red. He also likes using large squirrel brushes, number 8 to start with, which he uses loosely and to good effect, applying the paint directly onto the paper without first wetting an area. He held the brush about halfway down the shaft, moving around the painting and not focussing too closely on one area and overworking it but revisiting it when dry to apply more paint. Keeping the distant views pale, strengthening the colours in the foreground, wiping away excess with paper towel.

His finished painting was an intriguing harbour scene in which he used watercolours loosely but with bold brush work.

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