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Olivier Leger - "Imaginings with Pen and Ink"

Olivier Leger 2017

Wow, what a start to the New Year. Olivier presented his amazing pictures which Bob later described as; ”drawings within drawings, within drawings, within drawings.”

Influenced by nature and harnessing his delight in doodling, his style of drawing was awe inspiring in its detail. His research on his favourite subjects which included whales, in all their various forms plus other sea creatures, showed a highly defined understanding of their life cycles, habitats and food chains. Drawings of whales within whales with small fish, under sea plant life or bizarrely trees on their backs made for the most fascinating subject matter. As we looked at the pictures close up more and more detail was revealed, and in fact in one picture there was a mark on a white spot shaped like an iceberg above the eye of the whale, but in fact it was a small bear almost invisible to our eyes.

Olivier revels in his research whether it is outer space, the deep oceans or micro-organisms, using detailed knowledge gained to fill the spaces of his creatures.

He uses a hot press paper and Copic fine liner pens, sometimes creating huge pictures which he works on lying on the floor. His preference is working on the floor or a table rather than on a vertical wall as it is less stressful to his arms and eyesight. Sometimes he draws from an outlined pencil shape whereas at other times he draws from the eye of his subject and works outwards. His presentation included time-lapse videos that showed how he developed his pictures with some additional use of brushes and ink and lately the use of colour.

Having won the Leicester Open 25 Art competition in 2014, Olivier has had several exhibitions to show and sell his work, but an exhibition back at the New Walk Museum allowed him to delve into their archives and include rare specimens and fossilised bones.

It was truly wonderful and inspiring to listen to an artist who was so excited about his work and he is brimming with ideas to do more.

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