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Greg Harris

A Portrait in Oils in a Painterly Style

Greg Harris

Greg began to create a considered self portrait, describing his painting as a textural image, using brush strokes and mark making to produce the image rather than making a photo realistic image. His stretched canvas was ready prepared with a grid and detailed pencil sketch.

Using Windsor and Newton Winton oils, he likes a lot of strong colours often using bold and clashing colours that are then tweaked and toned down to gain harmonizing colour tones. His first marks are made with large 2-3 inch flat brushes, working down to smaller brushes and palette knife as the work progresses. Greg said that even when working on the smaller areas, he keeps the strokes broad to show excitement in the smallest detail.

By Greg’s own volition he takes a long time to mix his colours, and each of his brush and knife strokes are meticulously worked out with much deliberation before being applied to the work.

Sadly he was unable to finish his portrait, as they normally take at least a day or much longer to complete. He emphasised that he worked continuously, working wet on wet to keep the image fresh.


Above Left eye detail

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