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Andrew Geeson

A Cityscape in Water Colour

Andrew Geeson 2018

After being a Botanical Artist for some considerable time Andrew told us that he needed to alter his style of painting, so about four to five years ago he consciously changed to become a more loosely/painterly artist and now enjoys painting every day.

He keeps his kit small and simple, basically using 4 brushes; a large size 16 round synthetic brush with no point (to avoid lines, allowing the paint to splay better). A rigger/script liner, a dagger (which has an angled tip) and a half inch flat brush. He likes to work flat and indeed worked flat for the demonstration with a camera and monitor. He likes to use a large palette with deep wells to mix his paint, which he likens to having four different quality descriptors; 1) like tea 2) like coffee 3) like cream and 4) like butter. As an artist using water colours, you need to be very aware of the wetness of your paper and the time it takes to dry, stating the obvious that it ranges from dry to wet with damp in between. Sometimes he didn't wet a whole area but splattered water to give it a range of effects and add a certain surprise element to the painting. In his bid to simplify his work he keeps his drawing simple using a few dots and broken lines to give him guidelines. Andrew said never draw solid lines and don’t keep looking at the detail on your subject. Further advice was use simple geometric shapes then move and sculpt them.

His palette of colours was restricted to Winsor and Newton cerulean blue, gold ochre, sap green, perylene green and cadmium red. From these basic colours he would mix and knock back. His picture flowed onto the paper with light touch brush strokes, figures were introduced using simple shapes and shadows. Andrew used 140 lb knot Hahnemuhle paper but often trials a picture or practices a setting on photocopying paper.

Replying to a question of who had most recently influenced him he replied with a list of artists including Victoria Prischedko, Joseph Zubrick, Alvaro Castanet and Herman Pekle.

By the time we hit our coffee break he had finished his city scape which all our members eagerly viewed. After the break he painted a floral image using the same approach.

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